What Students Say about Master the Wards:

A wonderful learning experience and opportunity for growth during the 4 week rotation with MTW. I had the opportunity to work and grow my medical knowledge during this period. My preceptor took the time in teaching and familiarize with the U.S. healthcare system. She was extremely caring, knowledgeable and provided excellent patient care. I would also like to thank Mr. Farca, who was very helpful during the application and the rotation period. Overall, it was the best experience I had while rotating in the U.S. for clinical experience. I would highly recommend MTW to everyone.
— E. Shayat, July 2019
I loved my obervership experience with MTW. My preceptor made sure I learned and took the time to teach me 1 on 1. I would highly recommend MTW.
— N. Mahmood, August 2018
This was my third observership and I have always been very well received by Mr. Michael Farca, who was very helpful. We have kept in touch all the time, which facilitates the resolution of any problem. My preceptor was a true example to be followed in medicine: friendly, charismatic and always committed to the health of the patient. Our discussions of clinical cases were very productive.
In summary, I recommend this observership to everyone. They exceeded my expectations.
— A. Souza, April 2018

I highly recommend Master The Wards Program to all IMGs who are seeking US clinical experience & aspire to be a resident here. As we all know, competition is getting tougher with not many opportunities to rotate with qualified physicians. I found my experience to be extremely helpful, my preceptors gave me ample opportunities to maximize my interaction with their patients. I was given full access to their Electronic Medical Records. I also attended lectures from Dr. Conrad Fischer on a weekly basis, it was an icing on the cake. Overall, this was the best experience I ever had, special thanks to Mr. Farca and other MTW team members for providing me this platform. God bless them all.
— A. Mahmood, January 2017

The MTW observership program is an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the practice of primary health care in the US. I had the pleasure of working with a very dedicated and professional physician, for which I am truly grateful. Special thanks to Dr. Conrad Fischer for his amazing lectures, and to Mr. Farca who made this experience seamless from start to finish.
— A. Daisley, June 2016

The program is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and tips of how is the health service in the US. Lectures in hospitals with other doctors provide an academic view of medicine and complement the observership program. I participated in the routine of two doctors’ offices and I could see that each one has its own style of care, where the patient is always first.
New York City is an item apart: big metropolis, housing different cultures and languages, and amazing places to visit on the weekends. Special thanks to Mr. Michael Farca and Dr. Vladimir Gotlieb for always being available. I recommend this program to anyone.
— A. Souza, February 2016

This was an amazing experience. As an IMG, I understand the value of US clinical experience. Therefore, I would like to thank all the members of Master the Wards program for providing me with this platform. My preceptors gave me ample opportunities to express myself. I witnessed evidence based medicine in a friendly, yet professional environment. I firmly believe that my clinical skills have significantly improved during this rotation. I found the observership highly organized with constructive supervision. The informative lectures were a great bonus. I would recommend it to anyone who wants additional experience to improve their resume.
— A. Mahmood, November 2015

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the observership experience. My preceptor is one of the best I have ever worked with.
— M. Kodavanti, September 2015

It’s always difficult for an IMG to get a clinical observership in the USA but MTW made it easier. In a nutshell I would say it is an excellent clinical observership program. I also feel grateful that I got world-renowned internal medicine teacher’s lecture, highly academic program director’s noon conference, and effective advice from residents and friendly behavior from medical students during live lectures. It seems everything is under an umbrella like one stop service. I also got familiar with primary medical care system in the USA. So, Education, Observation, Connection is a perfect slogan for MTWs observership program.
— S. Islam, September 2015

Overall, I had a great with MTW. My preceptor was a great doctor to work with and I would recommend other students to follow him. I learned up to date clinical care, as well as, business aspects involved with medicine. I highly recommend MTW to anyone interested in gaining clinical experience.
— E. Varghese, Septemeber 2015

Finding observership might be very frustrating process, if doing it yourself. But when you have on your side Master the Wards, everything is easy, comfortable. I had very positive experience with MTW. Mr. Farca and Dr. Gotlieb responded to my emails and phone calls immediately, even sometimes it was Sunday or they were on vacation. I felt that they care about me. Lectures with Dr. Fisher and Dr. Gotlieb were amazing; I learned something, which you cannot find in the books.
My observership at the clinic was the best time that I spent in the USA. I felt myself as a doctor again, I did not have this feeling for long time, while I was preparing for steps, IMGs would understand me. My preceptor is a big time professional that cares about patients. Her work style and kindness, desire to help patients gave me great inspiration to continue my journey of becoming doctor in USA.
I would like to thank MTW for great opportunity to familiarize myself with American medical system.
— S. Tabaldieve, July 2015

I would like to thank the MTW team to provide me with this great opportunity. I absolutely enjoy my rotation and have gained much better understanding of ambulatory health care in U.S.. My preceptor is a very respectable, caring and compassionate doctor. From observing him, it helps to shape my mind of what kind of physician I want to be in the future. I’ve learned a lot from my preceptor’s excellent patient care and many years of clinical experience. I definitely recommend this observership opportunity to any of my friends.
— W. Wang, June 2015

I want to say thanks to you all for giving me the chance of being part of this program, It was an excellent experience for me, I have received advise from all of you and I will always appreciate that. Both preceptors were very nice with me, they were always trying to show me their most interesting patients even changing schedules sometimes. The lectures at Brookdale Hospital were of high quality and the whole environment was very academic. The 2 cramathons I was allowed to go were outstanding, I really enjoyed them, the best medicine lectures I have ever had. Being and IMG is very hard, but with the help of this program it is certainly easier. I hope you continue helping and guiding students from all over the world. It was a pleasure to meet you.
— H. S. Nossa, May/June 2015

Everything is excellent. The preceptors are really friendly and are willing to teach you and make you feel that you are much more than an inconvenient shadow following them around. Plus in my case they were both IMGs, so building a rapport was easier than I expected and you have a role model to look up to. I think everyone in MTW works hard for us and we are grateful for the service you provide and the way you do it. I would definitely recommend this program to others. Thank you for everything.
— J. Nasim, May/June 2015

Thank you for the wonderful experience. It was really helpful for me in this special time while waiting for match results. The experience absolutely helped my be more confident in outpatient setting with any patient complaint. I learned unique clinical pearls during lecture presentations that I would never be able to learn elsewhere. Wish you all the best and I do recommend your observership to all my friends.
— Tamta C., January 2015

I had a great experience working with Master the Wards. The preceptors were awesome and really cooperative.
— S. Shah, January 2015
I learned how to treat the patient in the bst possibe way and express empathy and compassion towards each patient. I’d like to thank the MTW team.
— M. Huq, January 2015

It’s an AWESOME program focusing mainly on clinical exposure and interactive learning. Amazing preceptors to learn from. Master the Wards is providing an outstanding opportunity for IMGs to gain U.S. clinical experience and to learn more about the health care system in the USA. I thoroughly enjoyed my rotation and I know this wonderful experience will definitely help me in the future to achieve my goals and to take care of my patients.
— N. Hossain, January 2015

My preceptor was an excellent educator and supervisor, he discussed patients’ history taking up to the examination and treatment plan. It was routine to discuss interesting cases almost everyday. He never felt tired to respond my queries about a case. Secondly, my dreams came true by being a live student in the lectures and discussion classes with Dr. Conrad Fischer. Special thanks to Dr. Gotlieb for morning report and the academic environment was really very motivating. Thanks to Mr. Farca to maintain everything through regular communication and always responsds to my queries.
— A. Islam, November 2014

I had the opportunity to work with Hematology-Oncology specialists. It was one of the best outpatient experiences I ever had. The patient managements, case discussion and clinical experience were really exciting and invaluable. I feel lucky to be their student and I would strongly recommend this program.
— I. Khan, November 2014
I really enjoyed the whole 4 weeks rotation and it helped me a lot especially lectures by Dr. Conrad Fischer and Dr. Vladimir Gotlieb. It was a wonderful experience for me.
— L. Nahar, October 2014

The rotation with Master the Wards gives me excellent learning experience to be best prepared for the residency. The clinic attending I have shadowed is the most understanding and approachable. He has granted me more than enough exposure in patient care and walked me through every step of the learning process. Conference participation and case discussions by world-renowned physicians are invaluable and resourceful. Overall, rotation with MTW well exceeded my expectations.
— T. Oo, October 2014

Excellent program focusing on education, clinical exposure, and education. FANTASTIC program for IMGs looking for USCE and exposure to residency training leadership. Awesome preceptors & mentorship guided towards learning evidence based medicine with enough professional autonomy for observer.
— I. Mahmud, October 2014.