Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a fee for the Observership experience?

Yes, a $75 application fee is assessed at the time the application is submitted.  A 4-week block observership fee is $2,000. This fee covers administrative costs and includes all conferences that are attended.  There are no hidden fees or other fees that you will encounter.  If you wish to extend your experience, this is done in 2 week increments (with the same preceptor) at $500 per week.

How soon before my observership should I apply?

We suggest to submit an application at least 12 weeks before the requested start date.   This will allow time for processing of the application and determine preceptor availability.  Applications submitted within the 12 week time frame will be not guaranteed their choice of dates. There is NO extra charge for late enrollment but no guarantee of availability.

When is the full placement fee due?

Placement fee is due in full 4 weeks from your confirmed start date. For applications submitted with shorter notice, the placement fee is due in full upon confirmation of enrollment.

What is the application process?

All applications are to be completed online (there is a printable option should online processing not be possible).  Once the application is submitted, we begin with a cursory review to ensure all documents are submitted.  Incomplete applications will be on hold unless other arrangements were made with our administrative team.  Applications are reviewed by committee and decisions are generally made within 10 days.  Once the application is approved, we will notify applicants and confirm a start date.  We then match the applicant with a preceptor.  At this time the placement fee is due.  Once the payment is processed, we then forward the preceptor location and contact information to you.

Will the observership be in a teaching hospital or Ambulatory?

Our preceptors are generally provide an ambulatory experience, however, some have both inpatient and outpatient duties.  All of our preceptors are in busy private practice settings and not the traditional "clinic" atmosphere.  The settings are intimate and allow for positive learning experiences.

Will I get hands-on observership experience?

Observership prohibit direct patient responsibility.  However, we give our preceptors flexibility to manage their practices to their comfort level.  Our preceptors are committed to providing a meaningful experience that adequately teaches observers about the US Healthcare system.

When should I contact the preceptor?

Once approved, you should contact your preceptor within 3 days of your start date.  Preceptors have provided the preferred method of contact and this will be communicated to you in the welcoming notification.

Will I receive a letter of recommendation?

Our preceptors are willing to write supportive letters for candidates who distinguish themselves during the observership. Letters of recommendation are earned and not guaranteed.  The content of the letter should be discussed with the preceptor and we suggest not starting the relationship with this request.

Do I need to have my USMLEs completed before my observership?

No.  This program is open to undergraduates and graduates.

How many students will I rotate with?

We are committed to provide a meaningful experience.  We respect the observer and our preceptors request to limit the number of observers to 2 and in most instances 1.

What will my schedule be like?

You will follow your assigned preceptors’ office hours.  You will need to balance office hours with lectures that you attend.

Do we offer housing assistance?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

Are there any additional charges?

No.  The placement fee covers your observership experience and all lectures.  We do offer additional services including test prep material, CV and personal statement preparation which incur additional charges.

Do I need all supporting documents upon application?

Yes, this is the best approach.  However, under certain circumstances, you can send additional via email to your supplement your application as it becomes available.  Please remember that incomplete applications cannot be processed.

Do you provide assistance with visas?

Yes, we will provide a letter of acceptance to be used for your visa application process. 

What other services do you offer?

CV and personal statement review and preparation.  Contact directly for this additional service.