While the personal statement is not the primary component of your application it is important to have a one page well-constructed document. This is different from your medical school statement, so change it. And please stay away from “I always wanted to be a doctor since I was…born”. This is trite and doesn’t speak to who you are. There is a journey you’ve taken to get to this point so share relevant pieces of it. Remember, people are collections of their experiences so share your story. Also, some programs focus on different things and therefore you can custom tailor your personal statement to suit.  ERAS allows you to save multiple personal statements for this purpose.  Explore the feature.

Either way, all residency applications require a CV and personal statement.  Our partner, Michael Farca, has been reviewing and preparing CVs and Personal Statements for many years and is now offering this service globally.  After you've registered on our site please email him directly for residency application assistance at: mfarca@masterthewards.com.  The fees are substantially less than professional writers but his years of experience earns him an honorary credential in our book.

If your looking for personal branding, consider including a professional LinkedIn profile to compliment your CV and personal statement.