Example Curriculum


Medical students and Physicians from around the world clamor for an experience in Internal Medicine both for their education and to better prepare themselves for an application to Residency training in the United States. At Master the Wards, we are providing a first class, meaningful, rigorous experience from which the rotating student-clinician will derive the confidence they need to feel that they understand the medical, cultural and ethical aspects of medical practice in the United States.


Day 1:
Setting clear expectations is the key to the first day.

The participant will have a direct, face-to-face exchange with the clinician in which the rules and expectations of the physician office and practice are explained. It will be made clear that it is expected that the trainee will be as involved as possible without being able to directly write orders or make medical decisions.

They should expect to:

  • Accompany the physician on office visits
  • Accompany the physician on rounds in the hospital should they make them
  • Review laboratory data
  • Make preliminary assessment evaluations which they will subsequently present to the attending physician

Week 1:

  • Discover in advance the particular illness which the patient is visiting the physician for help with
  • Read on that illness in advance of seeing the patient
  • Present preliminary assessment to the supervising attending

Week 2:

  • Read the basics of Cardiology, Pulmonary and Endocrinology
  • Use the book “Master the Wards” to guide formulation of thoughts and assessments
  • Accompany the supervising physician on home visits and hospital visits if they are made

Week 3 & 4:

  • Continue to assess, present and formulate patient plans
  • Write practice examples of History & Physical assessment including the impression and tentative plan
  • Read the basic of Gastroenterology, Neurology and Infectious Diseases
  • Meet face to face with supervising physician for an honest assessment of the trainees strengths and weaknesses while remaining open and receptive to feedback

Final Day:

  • Final assessment by the attending and the trainee
  • Discussion of whether a letter of recommendation can be provided
  • Master the Wards does not guarantee the furnishing of a letter, though it is hope the trainees work will be of sufficiently high quality that the attending will wish to do so.