Welcome to Master the Wards!

Master the Wards has created a Clinical Observership program to help International students and graduates achieve US clinical experience with an academic focus. Although there are limitations as to what can be done by observers in the clinical setting, we are totally committed to making sure you have a meaningful medical educational experience. 

Our service provides:

  • Hand-selected proctors
  • Application help from internal medicine residency program leaders
  • Academic conferences

Master the Wards, LLC Observership Program is based on the same-named book, penned by our partner Dr. Conrad Fischer.  Dr. Fischer is a world renowned educator and is currently a Program Director of one of the largest Internal Medicine residency programs in Brooklyn NY. 

Program rates are consistent with the industry and include all the above, plus hospital-based academic lectures. This is an opportunity for those seeking to strengthen their application, gain personal exposure to residency leadership, and brush up on interviewing skills.

Apply now for participation in our US clinical rotation program.  Some highlights of the program include:

  • US clinical rotations experience
  • Minimum 4 week block rotations but may go up to 26 weeks
  • Subspecialty opportunities
  • In person lectures and face-to-face guidance by Dr. Conrad Fischer during your four week experience
  • Internal Medicine leadership guidance for you residency application
  • CV and professional profile development

Once your application is approved we will reach out and discuss the next steps. We look forward to your professional growth and hope to guide you to a successful residency match!